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Red Parties

Young Goddess Experience

  • 2 hours
  • 250 US dollars
  • TBD

Service Description

Red Parties are for those young goddesses who first start their periods. We are creating a new story with the younger generation, a new story where 'Aunt Flo' is not that evil aunt who comes to torture us once a month, but that magical Aunt that makes us feel we can rule the world. It is intended to be an open space where girls can discuss starting their cycles, ask questions and debunk old myths; where we celebrate and teach the power of this life force and the union she has with her sacred womb. There are traditional ceremonies all over the world that celebrate this sacred moment. The Sri Lankan menarche party is just one of the many traditional cultures who have coming of age rituals surrounding a girls first period. The Beng women of the Ivory Coast view a girls first period as a time of blossoming and celebrate it by showering her with gifts and treating her like a queen. The Navago culture celebration has days that are filled with singing and dancing where girls get to be dressed in the finest clothes, are fed well and pampered. It is time that we begin to celebrate our girls special day.

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Dallas, GA Dallas, GA, USA

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