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Red Room

Immerse yourself in your womb

  • 2 hours
  • 250 US dollars
  • Dallas|Atlanta

Service Description

The Red Room Experience is a space to awaken and discover your sexuality, sensuality and sacredness. Many women have forgotten their power, magnificence, radiance and femininity. Tantra and Tao are both deep emotional release work that help women to let go of past hurt and emotions that are stuck in their body like anger, rage, grief, hurt, fear, shame and guilt. Tantric healing can support women to: • Tap into her shakti • Not be afraid to shine • Heal sexual dysfunction • Awaken the divine feminine • Be orgasmic and even multi orgasmic • Open her heart again after the past hurts • Learn to treat her body as a sacred temple • Connect to the wisdom of the womb and yoni Women absorb a lot in their emotional centers and our sexual organs. Often women feel sexually numb and cannot feel pleasure, let alone have an orgasm. This can be caused by the residue of unprocessed emotions that are held in her yoni and womb. We absorb so much from our lovers and their energies that cause our emotional bodies to blend. Through tantric healing we learn to release the shame, guilt and fear held in our womb. We learn to reclaim, remember and reawaken our sexuality and our innate power. Tantric Healing helps with a number of issues: • Vaginal pain • Lack of orgasm • Poor body image • Lack of sexual interest • Painful sexual intercourse • Feeling numb, pain or no pleasure • And so much more…. The Red Room is an experience that will help a woman to heal, awaken to celebrate their unique feminine qualities and innate potential for pleasure.

Contact Details

  • Dallas, GA, USA


  • Atlanta, GA, USA


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